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Who can take part?

The 2018/19 Challenge is currently open to any school, wherever it is situated in the world.

What are the age ranges? 

There are two age ranges in the Challenge, as shown below: 

Junior Challenge 2018/19: Any child born after 31st August 2007. 

Senior Challenge 2018/19: Any child born before 1st September 2007 and after 31st August 2002. 

How does it work? 

A participating school will need to purchase a licence to use the required software, direct from Cambridgeshire Software House or one of its representatives. 

The Challenge will be based on the cloud version of the Cars Maths in Motion software, first published in May 2013 and under continuous development. 

Throughout the year, events will be held which include knockout rounds and a World Final. All of these events will be online. In addition, there will be just for fun events and monthly competitions. 

For more information on the Challenge, or how to sign up, please contact us either by email,, or telephone +44 (0)1480 301201


Who Can Take Part?

For information on who can take part, click on the image. 


Challenge Rules

What are the rules for entering the Challenge? Click the image to find out more.



By entering the Challenge your pupils may be eligible for a CREST Award. Click the image to find out more.


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