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I came to the Maths in Motion Challenge via the British Science Association’s CREST Awards scheme. I have been running this scheme as an enrichment activity at Reed’s for 11 years now. Most of my projects have been chemistry based for obvious reasons.

However, in September 2017 Alan D joined the school in Year 9. He is particularly interested in, and rather good at, maths and so wanted to do a CREST activity that involved mathematics. He had done a Google Chrome search and found the Maths in Motion Challenge! As this is a team based Challenge, we needed someone else to join him in this activity and a Year 11 pupil decided to join Alan in learning the Maths in Motion software.

To obtain a CREST Bronze Award, pupils have to be engaged in a linked activity for 10 hours and then complete a student profile form that makes them reflect on the skills they have learned and how these skills can be transferred and are relevant in wider arena. Clearly, the maths skills are very tangible in the program and completing the Bronze student profile is quite straightforward. The Award is given on the teacher’s recommendation if all criteria have been met. Alan D obtained his CREST Bronze in the March 2018.

Interestingly, the Y11 student has been using his Maths in Motion Challenge activity to obtain a CREST Silver Award. The success criteria here are more demanding – 30 hours of activity is now required. The student has been designing a programme of study to show how to teach Maths in Motion to younger pupils.  To obtain the Silver Award the student has to match 11 out of 15 of the criteria

I am confident that these criteria can be met in the project and that he will be finished in autumn 2018.

Apart from the individual achievements, next year all Y9 will get a 6 x 1 hr Maths in Motion course and the programme will be much bigger at Reed’s. Pupils will be able to extend their class experience in an after school CREST activity and I expect that we will have quite a few students eligible for Bronze Awards next year.

I am very happy to liaise with any colleagues who would like advice on CREST Awards.

Judy Brewster
Chemistry Teacher
Reed’s School

July 2018


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